The Peace of Mind Planner for
End of Life
The Peace of Mind Planner course is a complete A-Z planning guide for individuals and families that includes everything from pre-planning your end of life wishes in all 5 categories, (Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual and Financial) including the necessary paperwork to insure your wishes are upheld all the way through the end of life process up until celebrating your loved one after death. The Peace of Mind Planner course is a holistic approach to covering all 5 of these categories to 
ensure that you have complete peace of mind with how you want to be remembered, celebrated and honored at the end of your life. This course encompasses all the necessary components of what is needed for an end of life experience that is financially the best, emotionally the best and environmentally the best. These are concerns that people have been expressing to me for the last 10+ years and are still looking for the answers to. 

End of life choices are subjective. It does not matter what you choose, but you need to make informed choices. This is not fair to leave up to others to try and figure out. Your loved ones are already dealing with the reality of losing someone they love – they should not have this compounded by all these decisions.

The families of people who have done all their end of life planning say that they have a 90% better experience than those who did not. It is a win-win situation. You have your wishes upheld and it is not a burden to those you love.
The 5 Topics you will learn about the Peace of Mind Planner Course

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What's in each topic?
 Physical Peace of Mind
We will begin with peace of mind for your physical needs at end of life, which include: ensuring what care you want or don’t want and how to secure that, choosing who will actually take care of you at end of life and how to secure that, and what happens to your body after death and how to secure that.
 Mental Peace of Mind
The second topic this course will cover is how to find mental peace of mind. This will consist of: finding acceptance with an end of life diagnosis (whether yours or someone else’s) and bringing peace to that, understanding how end of life is a natural part of life, how the practice of living presently every day is the key to a good death, and understanding how finding passion and purpose in your life journey today changes everything.
 Emotional Peace of Mind
The third topic we will discuss will be finding peace within your emotional state. This topic will cover resolving all unresolved issues when possible in order to bring peace of mind, understanding forgiveness and the vital role it plays in the end of life process and finding peace, (not only forgiveness for others, but also forgiveness of self) and working through past regrets.
 Financial Peace of Mind
The fourth topic we will cover in this course is the financial peace of mind and how it can make all the difference at end of life. Most people don’t plan on death and as a result, spend far too much when they look back at the cost. I will give you all the options and costs available to you so that you can plan for end of life in the most cost-effective way. This will begin with pre-planning with your wishes through memorial/celebration and how to achieve these at a fraction of the cost.

 Spiritual Peace of Mind
The final topic we will cover in the Peace of Mind Planner course is the spiritual portion of having peace of mind at end of life. Whether you are a spiritual person or not, spirituality is an enormous comfort to many and seems to play a part in the end of life process even to those that do not consider themselves spiritual, religious or otherwise practicing faith. Being able to explore spiritual aspects at this time can bring enormous peace and clarity to individuals at end of life.
Regular Full Price $497
Early Bird Special
Save $100
Class Structure
  • This class will consist of 5 recorded webinars that will last about 90 minutes each.
  • ​You can view the webinar videos OR download an audio version (mp3) to listen to at your convenience.
  • Everything is delivered via a comprehensive step-by-step workbook outlining all of the key concepts from the lessons as well as exercises and checklists -- it is a Planner, after all!  This workbook includes all of the lesson video and audio links.
 Usually my programs are in the thousands of dollars, but I am offering my Peace of Mind Planner course right now for $397 or 3 payments of $149. This is a really great opportunity to learn the ins and outs of end of life planning for you or a loved one in the most effective way possible. name is Suzanne O'Brien, RN
I am passionate about helping teach families and other “helpers” the life changing skill of how to care for their loved ones and community members at the end of life. In 2012, I went on a self-paid volunteer hospice trip to Zimbabwe, Africa. This trip changed my life. The people of Zimbabwe are so lovely and did not have much in terms of material things or healthcare. The average age of life for a female is 42 years old. It was on this trip that I saw people being trained to “sit” with the person who was dying and “guide” them through the end-of-life journey. Without the luxury of medications and equipment, this concept was so effective. This reminded me of The Birthing “Doula” concept and when I came back to the US, The Doulagivers™ End-Of-Life Doula Training was born.
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